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CAN Administration Portal Configuration

The Captive Access Network Administration Portal allows administrators to configure Sessions, Users, and Plans. The Reports Section gives details reporting on usage.

Login Page

  • Open Captive Access Network Administration Portal through the Captive Admin link in Kognitive Cloud or access the URL directly.

  • The Login page enables the user to login into their account.

  • The users can access the account using their unique credentials.

  • Enter the below details:

    • Username – IAM username of the user

    • Password – IAM Password of the user

  • Click Login button to login into the Captive Access Network Administration Portal.

Login Page

  • In case the user forgets the Password, click on Forgot Password? button to reset it.

  • Enter the username associated with the account and click Reset Password button.

  • The below message is displayed.

Password Reset

  • The user will receive an email with further steps. Follow the steps given in the email to reset the password.

Captive Access Network Homepage

  • After logging in the user is directed to the Captive Access Network Homepage.

  • The homepage contains four tabs – Sessions, Users, Plans, Reports and Events.

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Captive Access Network Homepage

Please refer the below pages for detailed information on each of these tabs:

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