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CAN - Reports

  • Click Reports tab from the Captive Access Network Homepage to view the Reports table.

  • The Reports table shows the list of all reports generated by the Admin and the Users.

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  • Select the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the screen to select the required Organization or sub-organization. The logged in admin organization is populated by default here. This is the organization corresponding to the email ID used to login.

  • The dropdown list consists of all the sub-organizations under the logged in admin organization.

  • The table shows the following information:

    • S. No - Serial number

    • Report Generated By - Username of the person that generated the report

    • Report Name - Name of the report

    • Report Type - There are two types of reports (Usage/Session)

      • Usage Report - Shows the usage details

      • Session Report - Shows the session details

    • Generated At - Date and time of report generation

    • Meta Data - Hover the cursor on the i icon to view the metadata

    • Status - Status of report generation (Completed / In progress)

    • Summary - Click the Download button under the Summary column to download a local copy of the report.


Usage Report


Session Report

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