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The Sites screen is the landing page of Kognitive Cloud. The user is automatically directed to the Sites screen after login. This screen shows an SD-WAN summary of the sites within an organization. It shows a high-level overview and summary data of all of an Organization’s sites.

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  • In the Organization field, select the Organization or sub-organization from the dropdown menu. The logged in admin Organization is populated by default here. This is the organization corresponding to the email ID used to login.

  • The dropdown list consists of all the sub-organizations under logged in admin organization.

  • In the Sites field, select the required sites from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu consists of all the sites associated with the selected Organization and sub-organizations.

  • Select the Period if necessary.

  • The Sites screen contains six headers namely:

    • Sites

    • Internet Links

    • Cellular Usage

    • Starlink Usage

    • VSAT Usage

    • LBAND Usage

  • These headers show high level information such as the number of Active Links, Usage and Internet Status.

  • The Site table lists all the selected sites.

  • Each site can have multiple devices deployed on it and each device can have multiple WAN interfaces through which it obtains internet connectivity.

  • The Site table shows the following information:

    • Site Name

    • Organization Name

    • Location

    • Usage

    • Quota %

    • Availability

    • Top Apps

    • Clients

    • Internet Status

    • Portal - Link to connect to the Edge Portal

  • The SEARCH field can be used to search for the Sites based on the Site Name/Organization/Location.

  • The FILTER button helps the user to filter the table based on their Internet Status (Online/Offline/Inactive).

  • Click Download button to download a local copy of the Site table information in CSV format.

  • The user can directly access each individual site and the devices present at the site, by clicking on the Site Name.

  • Select the required Site. The following screens become available for the user:

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