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User Terminal

  • Click User Terminal tab under the Admin screen.

  • All the User Terminals that are part of the linked Service Accounts and Service Lines are shown in the User Terminals table.

4 (4)-20240509-123902.png

User Terminal Table

  • The table shows the following information:

    • Organization – Name of the Organization.

    • Sub Organization – Name of the Sub-Organization.

    • Starlink ID

    • Serial Number

    • KIT Number

    • Service Line – Name of the Service Line.

    • Site - Name of the Site.

  • Click All button to view all the User Terminals.

  • Click Deployed button to view only the deployed User Terminals.

  • Click In Warehouse button to view only the In Warehouse User Terminals.

  • The Search field can be used to search for the User Terminals based on the Organization/Sub Organization/Starlink ID/Serial Number/KIT Number/Service Line/Kognitive Site.

  • Click Download button to download the User Terminals details in excel format.

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