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Starlink Cloud

Starlink Cloud – Overview

Service Details

The Starlink Cloud Service delivers high-level metrics, aggregated performance details, and actionable analytics for multiple Starlink Service Lines (subscription plans, or “Lines”) and Starlink Kits (individual terminals, or “Kits”). Typical features of the Service include a Comprehensive Dashboard, Usage Summary, High Usage/Low-Availability Notifications/Alerts, and Administration Services. Through the Service, Parent Organizations can share and re-license specific data access to Sub-Organizations and designated users, streamlining both management of and access to Starlink data across various sites and organizations.

The Starlink Cloud Service runs independent of the functionality of EdgeOS, but in conjunction with the features of the Kognitive Cloud. Therefore, there is no requirement that a Starlink Kit be connected to or monitored by a network appliance running EdgeOS. Any Starlink Kit may be included in the functionality of the Starlink Cloud Service. This flexibility allows Organizations to manage and monitor Starlink terminals and service plans collectively and with minimal setup required.

There are two account management types used in the Starlink Cloud Service: Service Account Client and Web Portal. Service Account Client management is targeted toward Starlink resellers that have direct API access from Starlink. Web Portal managemnt can be used on any Starlink Kit as it does not require API-level access. Please see section Service Differences for Access Types in the Starlink Cloud - Workflows page for details on the different account types.

Service Limitations

As Starlink data access details and capabilities are updated continuously, any specified features of the Starlink Cloud Service are subject to change without advance notice. The availability and validity of metrics and historical data provided through the Service are contingent on the information released by, any associated APIs and any permissions and actions of its parent company, SpaceX. Kognitive Networks provides no guarantee to the availability, quantity, or quality of data collected directly from Starlink, its partners, or affiliates.

The following pages explain the most common Workflows in Starlink Cloud and the steps required to configure and use the different tabs in the Starlink Cloud screen:

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