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SNMP Overview

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol for managing and monitoring network devices efficiently. EdgeOS supports SNMP read functionality, allowing network administrators to use SNMP queries to extract device information and monitor network performance.

This guide briefly describes the SNMP functionality and explains how to utilize the supported Management Information Base (MIB) tables for effective network management.

Supported SNMP and MIBs

SNMP Versions: EdgeOS supports SNMPv2c

MIBs: EdgeOS supports standard system and interface MIBs. These MIBs define a set of variables that EdgeOS exposes for SNMP operations, such as querying system information or interface metrics.

Configuring SNMP on EdgeOS

  • Enable SNMP: In EdgeOS, access the SNMP settings by navigating to Menu → Configuration → General Settings → SNMP


Select SNMP Settings

  • Enable SNMP by toggling the option to Enable.


SNMP Community

  • Set Community Strings: Define Community strings for authentication. The Community string acts as the password that allows read access to the device's MIB information.

MIB Object Identifier (OID) Tables

No specific MIB file is provided for download, as the standard system interface MIB is supported. The following table lists specific identifiers available from the EdgeOS system.

The following table lists the specific interfaces available:


Details - ifIndex

All the configured/available WAN/LAN/Management interfaces are listed

Index 1x - LAN

Index 3x - WAN and WAN sub interfaces

Index 5x - Management Interfaces - ifDescr

Interface Alias Name - ifType

All the interface will be reported “ethernet” (6), inbuild WiFi and LTE interfaces will be reported as “others (1)” - ifMtu

defaults to 1400 - ifSpeed

Applicable for ethernet interfaces. (String) - ifPhysAddress

MAC address for ethernet interface - ifAdminStatus

Enabled/ Disabled status of the interface - ifOperStatus

(1) Up - Interface Up / Internet Up

(2) Down - Interface Down / No Internet

(3) Interface Up/No Internet - ifInOctets

Interface Tx Bytes - ifOutOctets

Interface Rx Bytes

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