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Configuration Wizard

To access the EdgeOS Configuration Wizard, perform the following steps.


·       Log on to the EdgeOS System. The home page appears.

·       Click the menu icon. The menu appears.

·       Click Configuration Wizard, see figure below.

Access the Configuration Wizard by clicking on the right hand menu and selecting Configuration Wizard.



The EdgeOS Configuration Wizard provides quick access to:

  • Interfaces - LAN, WAN configuration and controls

  • Access Networks - Connected, Managed Routed Networks

  • WAN Profiles - WAN Priority, Bandwidth Bonding, Profiles

  • Traffic Policies - Content Filtering, Shaping, Traffic, Application Policies

  • Firewall - Rules and Configuration

  • General Settings - Device Traffic Policies, Static Routes, DNS Proxy, Multicast, VPN, Config Backup / Config Upload, SNMP, System Route, POP


Configuration Wizard

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