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Alerts - Summary

The Alerts tab shows the summary of all the alerts raised for the user’s account. It shows the Alerts and their information in a table as shown in Figure Alerts Tab.

1 (13)-20240607-122045.png

Alerts Tab

  • By default, the table only shows the current alerts - Alerts that are currently in Alerting status.

  • Click the Toggle button to show the History of both the Normal and Current alerts as shown in Figure Alerts History.

1.1 (1)-20240607-122309.png

Alerts History

  • Select the Period if necessary.

  • The Alerts table shows the following information:

    • Site - Name of the Site

    • Device Name - Name of the device

    • Alert Name - Name of the Alert

    • Interface Name - Name of the Interface

    • WAN Type - Type of WAN Interface that received the alert

    • Reported On - Date and Time of the alert

    • Status - Status of the Alert (Alerting / Normal)

    • Details - Shows the Metadata code with details such as Device ID, Site ID, Type.

  • Select the Alerting or Normal checkbox to filter the table based on the Status of the alerts.


Alerts Filter

  • Click Download button to download the Alerts table information in CSV format.

  • The Search field can be used to search for the alert based on the Site/Device name/Alert name/Interface name/WAN Type.

  • In the Auto Update field, select the custom time interval from the dropdown menu for automatically updating the alerts table.

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