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Account Management

This manual guides the user through the steps required to set up and use the Account Management screen in Kognitive Cloud. The Account Management screen enables the user to create and manage user accounts for organizations and Sub-organizations.

  •  Login to Kognitive Cloud using valid user credentials.

Kognitive Cloud Homepage

  • Select Account Management option from the left menu bar.

  • The Account Management screen opens as shown in the below figure.

1 (12)-20240503-082208.png

Account Management Page

  • In the Organization field, select the Organization or sub-organization from the dropdown menu. The logged in admin Organization is populated by default here. This is the organization corresponding to the email ID used to login.

  • The dropdown list consists of all the sub-organization’s under logged in admin organization.

The following pages explain the steps required to configure and use the different tabs in the Account Management screen:

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