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EdgeFit - Hardware Description


The EdgeFit is a rugged and compact network appliance that is designed for use in industrial applications. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically (wall-mount) and the orientation will not affect its function. For best performance, the EdgeFit should be mounted so that ambient or flowing air can pass across the heatsink fins. As there are no fans, the EdgeFit does not have an active cooling system and convection cooling is the primary means of removing heat from the device.

The EdgeFit is expandable in function through the use of USB dongles and adapters. Please consult the applicable Help Guides or contact Kognitive Networks for expansion options.

Detailed Port Descriptions

EdgeFit Back Panel

EdgeFit Front Panel


EdgeFit Bottom Panel

Port Specification

Port Label




RJ45 : 1000/100/10 Mbps.

DHCP (default), LAN


RJ45 : 1000/100/10 Mbps.

WAN input

Power / +12VDC

5.5 x 2.5mm : +7 to +20VDC



mini Serial RS-232

Not Used

mini DP

mini DP 1.2 4K @ 60 Hz

Not Used


HDMI 1.4 4K @ 30 Hz

Terminal access / troubleshooting


USB Type A - USB 2.0

User WAN port with USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter (limited to 480 Mbps)


USB Type A : USB 2.0

User WAN port with USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter (limited to 480 Mbps)


USB Type A : USB 3.0

User WAN port using cellular modem or USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter


USB Type A : USB 3.0

User WAN port using cellular modem or USB to RJ45 ethernet adapter


Not Used


Not Used


Not Used

Power Specification


+12VDC (15W Max); 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz (AC/DC Power Supply Included)

Power Button and Power States

The EdgeFit has 3 power states: On, Off and Sleep. The Sleep state is not widely used.

To turn the device On: Press the power button once.

To turn the device Off: Hold the power button for 5 seconds. Wait a minimum of 5 seconds before turning the device On again.

To Reboot the device: There is no physical reboot/reset button on EdgeFit. To reboot/restart the EdgeFit from the On state, Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, release the power button. wait 5 seconds, then press the power button once.

The following table details the procedure to switch between each of the three power states.


To Power State

Power State





Press the power button once


Hold power button for 5 sec

Press the power button once


Hold power button for 5 sec

Press the power button once

LED Indicators

The EdgeFit has 3 LEDs to indicate the power state and function of the device.





Power LED


Powered on


Standby mode


Powered off



Operating normally


Powered off



Operating normally


Powered off

Power Protection Reset and Cycling Behavior

The EdgeFit has an integrated Power Protection circuit that protects the device from intermittent and inconsistent power. This circuit requires removing power for a certain ‘lock-out’ period of time so that the EdgeFit may reset and recognize that external power has been reapplied.

Kognitive Networks recommends always using a dedicated Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Battery Backup system for any EdgeFit installation that may see sudden, momentary power resets.

Power Cycling Example Behavior Diagrams

Users may notice different behavior when cycling DC and AC power to the EdgeFit. The behavior can be explained in two ways:

  1. The EdgeFit has a few product variations with slightly different startup power behavior. These include differences in power management implementation based on manufacture date [which is not a parameter trackable by Device ID (DID)] and processor differences. Both variables change the power consumption and power lock-out time constant.

  2. Different use cases have associated power hold-up and power lock-out times. The following diagrams show the power cycling behavior and timing in 2 different cases: cycling DC power and cycling AC power.

For all variants of the device, following these guidelines will have predictable behavior:

For consistent DC power restart behavior, DC power must be removed for 3 seconds before being reapplied.

For consistent AC power restart behavior, AC power must be removed for 30 seconds before being reapplied.


Timing Diagram for power cycling, DC or AC


Use Case Examples and timing requirements

Power Cycling Behavior Explained

Disconnecting DC power from EdgeFit

  • Cuts the DC voltage to EdgeFit

  • EdgeFit runs from internal DC capacitance

  • EdgeFit internal DC capacitance drains within 3 seconds

Disconnecting AC/DC adapter from AC Power Source (Mains)

  • AC/DC Adapter capacitance maintains +12VDC

  • EdgeFit runs from internal DC capacitance and external AC/DC adapter capacitance

  • EdgeFit drains internal and external capacitance within 30 seconds

Quickly reconnecting AC/DC adapter after disconnecting recharges the EdgeFit and AC/DC adapter internal capacitance banks and extends the drain / power lock-out time up to 60 seconds.


Mounting Features

2x threading mounting holes: M3 x 0.5mm Depth: 4.5mm


Operating temperature range
Up to -10°C to +50°C {Extended temperature range models available, when used with power supply}

Relative humidity
5% – 95% non-condensing

MIL STD 810G compliant

  • Vibration test:
    IEC TR 60721-4-7:2001+A1:03, Class 7M1, test method IEC 60068-2-64 (up to 2 KHz , 3 axis)

  • Shock test:
    IEC TR 60721-4-7:2001+A1:03, Class 7M1, test method IEC 60068-2-27 (15g , 6 directions)

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