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Remote Access to an EdgeOS System with Konnect

After registration, any EdgeOS System is accessible through Konnect.

To view the EdgeOS System on Konnect, perform the following steps.

  • Login to Konnect with a valid account.


Konnect Login Page

  • Enter the Site Name of the System in the Search By Location input field


Konnect Landing Page, Site Search

  • The Site Name becomes available in the drop down


Konnect - Select a Site

  • Click the Add button next to the Site Name to make the site available in the main table.

  • Click on the expand arrow icon to expand the site. The systems available in this Site are listed. The user can access the System with ssh and experience the local EdgeOS web portal through a browser


Konnect - View System Details

  • Click on the corresponding Start button - the Stop and Open button appear


Konnect - Open Connection

  • Click on the Open button to access the selected interface/port of the EdgeOS system

  • When finished, click on Stop to release the connection.

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