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How To: Register A Device

Keywords: EdgeOS, Product Registration, Kognitive Cloud

The registration process associates the EdgeOS System with the user’s account and installation location, facilitating management in:

Kognitive Cloud: Cloud-Based Service Portal

Edge: Mobile App

Konnect: VPN service

Pre-requisites for Registration

Group Account: Account setup is performed by Sales Team as of the onboarding process

User Account / Mobile App: User has an active user account with the Mobile App installed on a mobile device -OR- login access to Kognitive Cloud

EdgeOS System is Online: The device being registered is powered on with an active internet connection

Registration through Kognitive Cloud

  • Login to Kognitive Cloud using a web browser at

  • Select Inventory from the left menu bar.

  • Click on the Warehouse tab to see a list of devices available for registration.


  • Search for the Serial number of the device to be registered and select Register button.

  • The Register Inventory dialog box opens.

Register Inventory Dialog Box

  • Select the Organization and Site Name.

    • To add a new site, enter the site name and select Add “New site name”.

  • Select the Yes radio button to apply the Golden Configuration.

  • Click  Register button to assign the device to the site.

  • Once Assigned, the device will be moved from the Warehouse to the Deployed Tab.

  • After the registration is complete, the table in the Deployed Tab displays the Site Name, Device Type, Serial Number, Registration Date, Organization, etc.

Registration through the Mobile App

  • Power up and connect EdgeOS system to the internet, e.g., plug WAN 1 into an ethernet internet source.

Registration Process Flow

Steps for Registration

Registration through the Mobile App

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