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Mobile App

The Kognitive Networks Mobile App offers a range of features for robust network monitoring and management from a mobile device. It allows for organization management, including product registration and account management, as well as site monitoring and control. Users can monitor internet WAN sources, check network and device policies, and view detailed usage and connectivity status. The Mobile App gives network professionals the ability to deliver an exceptional internet experience for users by providing detailed usage, connectivity status, and quick settings validation at a glance. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Feature Overview

Organization Management

Product Registration: Product Registration / Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) from a mobile device

Account Management: Add or Disable user accounts, set access privileges

Fleet / Deployment Summary: Availability, Usage, Alerts, Geolocation, and Top Application Usage (DPI)

Alerts: Monitor Alerts, Events, and Service Tickets

Starlink Dashboard: Manage multiple Starlink Service Lines with high level usage, Alerts, and detailed Service Line Summary

Site Monitoring and Control

Internet WAN Monitoring: Check WAN sources connectivity status with historical plots and performance data, including Usage, Uptime, Latency & Jitter. Check Cellular performance and monitor SIM use. View Alerts and Events for each WAN source.

Traffic Policies: Check Network and Device Policies

Access Networks: Validate Access Network configuration and IP addresses

Device Summary: View metrics on Top Networks and Top Devices: Overall Usage, Application Upload & Download, and Blocked Content. Pause (disable) Networks or Devices with a single click

Settings: Check Device Polices and DNS Settings at each site

App Download

The Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices:

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